The French law foresees(plans) in the article 9 of the civil code that:
« Each is entitled to the respect for its private life »
the article 226-1 of the penal code punishes besides for one year of detention
and of 45000 € of fine any violation of this fundamental right(law).
In the respect for these texts, the access to our photos is thus exclusively
reserved for the persons appearing on these with the exception of quite other
Persons who would wish, or not, to make it a business concern.
It is besides worn in the knowledge of the buyers that the transfer
of the material support of clichés(pictures) is intended for a purely deprived custom(usage)
and what the author reserves the right according to the article L111-3
of the code of the intellectual property.
So any business concern, publication which would wish to make it
the buyers are subordinated to the express agreement of the author.
The buyers recognize to have acquainted with these conditions
and make a commitment to respect them strictly at the risk of pursuits.

To protect this right(straight) main part in the private life we ask you
to fill(perform) the following form: